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What Is the Difference Between an Apartment Patio and Balcony?

What Is the Difference Between an Apartment Patio and Balcony?

a large terrace with couches and a coffee table
Outdoor living space is important for your well-being and a great way to get extra usable space if you have a small apartment. In the last five years, about 92% of Americans had some sort of outdoor living space in their homes. Two types of outdoor you can consider for your home are a balcony and patio.
What is the difference between a balcony and a patio? Which one is the right choice for you?
These are the biggest things that you need to know to compare a patio vs. balcony.

What Is a Patio?

Now that we have gone over what a balcony is, it is time to discuss what a patio is. This is a little more flexible than a balcony.
Unlike a balcony, it is not automatically attached to your apartment. That is because this is on the ground floor.
Because this is something that is on the ground floor, you do have the possibility of having this area detached from your apartment or home. It can simply be an outdoor space that you can walk out to from your living room. Typically, these areas as paved and have some sort of protection from the sun. Also, because this area is on the ground floor, there is usually more flexibility when it comes to what you want to do with the space.
With a patio, it is easier to use the space when hosting friends and family in your apartment. A patio is easier to use for indoor outdoor living. This can be an important part of deciding which type of outdoor space you want. The reason for this is that half of all Americans host people in their homes at least once per month. So, you want to have a space that makes you feel comfortable. At the same time, you want to have a space that can fulfill multiple purposes.

A patio could be an area where you share a nice meal, have a few drinks, play card games, and more. The point is, with all of the options that you have for this type of space, you can turn your house into a home.

What Is a Balcony?

A balcony is an outdoor space that is typically attached to an apartment building. It will be on the second floor or higher. For those who do not live on the ground level of an apartment building, this is likely the only option for getting some private outdoor space where they live.

While there might be a swimming pool or other outdoor areas at the apartment complex, those spaces will not be yours, as you will likely have to share that space with everyone else who lives in the apartment complex.

Therefore, balconies are the option that people who live in apartment buildings on higher floors have for an outdoor space. These are not usually the biggest of spaces, however, they will still fill basic needs for 1-2 people. Typically, balconies are wide enough to fit a small table outside along with a couple of chairs.
Some people get creative with the space they have to work with and put even more amenities on their balconies. An example of this is planting a little garden on the balcony. Another way to use the balcony, if you live in a warm enough climate, they may use the area to hang their clothes outside to dry.

Another great way to use the balcony is to use it for bike storage during the winter given this area may be somewhat covered. Getting fresh air and sunlight on your balcony can help you save a trip all the way downstairs by simply sliding your door open and sitting on your balcony.

Patio vs. Balcony

So, what other differences should you know between a patio vs. a balcony?

Well, balconies are typically made from concrete or wood. While patios can be made from the same material, there are a few more options in that department. You can have bricks, tiles, stones, and more when it comes to a patio. Also, you are going to prioritize certain areas when it comes to both. With patios, green space may be more important to you because this is likely going to be in your backyard. While you can put some plants on a balcony, there may be something else that is more important to you. That would be the view you have overlooking the entire surrounding area.

If you are in the middle of a city, you would want a good view of the skyline. In a more rural area, you would want the best view of a mountain or ocean that you are near.

Find Your Perfect Outdoor Space

This is everything you need to know when it comes to a patio vs. balcony. Remember, balconies are going to be higher up, so it may be more important to have a good overview of your area. As for patios, they are likely going to be bigger than balconies, so the area is more suitable to have company over. Do you want to see more patio and balcony options? Schedule a tour with us today to start the process of choosing an apartment.