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What to Look for in Apartment Floor Plans

What to Look for in Apartment Floor Plans

The average American moves 11.7 times, which means we're used to uprooting ourselves and living in different places all over the world. But even if you've moved 12 times already, it can be difficult to choose an apartment that feels like home. This can cause unhappiness with your place of residence.

However, if you know what to look for, then it'll be much easier to narrow down apartments. As a result, you'll end up in a property you're truly happy in. Read on to find out the vital things to note when browsing apartment floor plans. That way, you'll pick the right place next time.

Look at How the Apartment's Arranged

An apartment may have all the necessary rooms, but how they're arranged can make a huge difference, especially if you're looking at studio apartment floor plans. Some arrangements may feel claustrophobic and intrusive, while others feel roomier.

Here are some key things to watch out for when looking at the different types of floor plans.


The bathroom should be easily accessible, especially if you're planning on entertaining guests a lot. But many people find it unpleasant to have the door open out to the kitchen, so take note of where the bathroom doors are located when viewing floor plans. If you want convenience, then look for a floor plan that puts you right in front of the closet when walking out of the bathroom.

Kitchen and Dining Room

Naturally, you'll want the kitchen and dining room paired together. This allows you to easily bring your dishes to the table. If you'd like to have guests over often, then consider a floor plan that's open between these two spaces and/or the living room. Otherwise, it can be hard to chat with them while you're cooking and they're sitting around.



Your bedroom should be your haven, so it's of the utmost importance that it's arranged correctly. It's easier with 1-bedroom apartment floor plans since there are more configurations possible. Usually, you'll want to find an arrangement with the bedroom out of the way, so there's less hustle and bustle. As for 2-bedroom apartment floor plans, make sure you have enough space between them. That way, you and your roommates or guests will get adequate privacy. And if there's only one bathroom, it should be equally accessible for both rooms. Ideally, you'd get ensuite bathrooms in each, but that can be out of your price range.

Closet Size

Not everyone has the same closet space requirements, so pay close attention to where the closets are and how big they are. Do note that closet space doesn't necessarily grow if you look at larger apartments. Also, some floor plans for 2-bedroom apartments have just one closet, and it's located in the main bedroom. This may be an issue if you have roommates in the other bedroom and won't be using it for guests. For those with active lifestyles, you'll want to look into units that have outside storage closets. You can then store your wet and dirty things outside, without ruining anything inside.

Check Out the Features

The features that make up an apartment can push you to either sign or look elsewhere. So it's important to look at not only how the space is arranged but also what comes with it. Here are some features you may want to put on your wishlist.


Have you always wanted your own outdoor space? Then be on the lookout for balconies. These might not be much, but they allow you to poke your head out for fresh air whenever you wish, without having to go outside.

Even better is, some apartments have their own patios. This gives you a larger outdoor space to enjoy. It also gives you more room to entertain guests, so if this is important to you, keep an eye out for apartments that have this feature.


Unfortunately, many apartments don't have great natural light, despite ample windows; it's dependent on which direction these face. Not only is natural light beneficial to your health, but it also reduces your need for artificial lighting. As a result, you'll save on utility bills. So consider apartments that have skylights inside. These will provide plenty of sunshine and even warmth, so you'll avoid living in a dark and cold cave.


Admittedly, this isn't a "must-have" for most people. But if you want to live in luxury and love the smell and sound of crackling wood, renting an apartment with a fireplace can really improve your quality of life. It can also be impressive to any guests you invite over. Plus, with rising utility bills, you can have less reliance on gas and electricity with a fireplace. When winter comes, just toss a few logs in, light it, and you'll stay toasty without spending a fortune.

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Choose the Perfect Apartment Floor Plans

It can be overwhelming to look at apartment floor plans. But with our tips, it should be a bit easier to sort out which ones work for you (and which don't). It's essential that you take your time and go over all the things that you must have in your next place of residence. From there, you can narrow your options down, contact the property manager, and see the units for yourself. Only then can you really know if an apartment is right for you. Ready to look at a property that has multiple floor plans and plenty of amenities and features? Then schedule a tour at Saddlecreek Apartments now.